Paranoia-Rama: Muslims Take Over Idaho, Gays Overthrow America

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

Well, it seems that “homofascism” is finally here. Apparently, people who criticized an Indiana law that effectively legalized discrimination are all responsible for destroying America and ushering in a thousand years of gay darkness. And don’t even think about moving to Idaho, because it has already been “infiltrated” by Muslims who, according to one Republican official, are just itching to kill everyone.

5) Concentration Camps On Their Way

Conservatives reacted just as reasonably as you’d expect to the decisions of lawmakers in Indiana and Arkansas to amend “religious freedom” measures to make it more difficult to use them as licenses to discriminate. And by that we mean they warned that Christians in America are literally becoming gay people’s slaves and will soon be just like Jews living under Nazi rule.

The ever-rational Glenn Beck told his fans that gay people have put on “the robes of the Inquisition” and are “becoming Nazis,” asking: “You think that there isn’t a Christian holocaust coming?” He warned that the “hate” spewed by gay rights advocates eventually “ends up in concentration camps.”

4) No More Churches, Thanks To Gays

Of course, most of the GOP’s potential presidential candidates have defended Indiana’s law (although Jeb Bush quickly backed away from his initial support for it).

But no one seems as worried about purported threats to religious freedom as Mike Huckabee, who alleged this week that gay rights supporters “won’t stop until there are no more churches.”

Such remarks come as no surprise as Huckabee recently starred — along with Rand Paul and several GOP congressmen — in a “documentary” about how gay rights laws will establish the “ criminalization of Christianity.”

3) Muslims ‘Infiltrating’ Idaho

A local GOP official in Idaho is very concerned that Muslims are living in, or as she puts it, “infiltrating,” the gem state, warning in a county Republican newsletter that “two-faced” Muslims are “ready to rise up and kill” their non-Muslim neighbors.

“Please, don’t wait until something bad happens,” Bonneville GOP executive director Becky Prestwich cautioned, saying that even nice Muslims are a danger since they are “taught” to “present the face of friendship to enemies but to inwardly hate them.”

She later clarified that she only meant to write about Islamic extremists, whom she claimed represent 10 percent of the Muslim community.

2) Obama’s Muslim Subliminal Messages

We know for an absolute fact that President Obama used Islamic subliminal messages during his State of the Union address earlier this year, but did you know that he also used them during his 2008 campaign for the presidency?

Michael Savage knows, and decided to reveal the shocking information several years after the fact. While speaking to self-proclaimed ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat, Savage claimed that Obama’s campaign logo really showed an Islamic crescent that put Americans “under the banner of Islam.”

Case closed.

1) Stop Persecuting Bill O’Reilly

Did you not like the film version of Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Jesus”? Well, it’s probably because you are an anti-Christian bigot, at least according to Bill O’Reilly.

“Any embrace of Christian tradition is a danger to the agenda of the left,” the Fox News host said. “It was easy to see that in the articles about ‘Killing Jesus.’” He said that while he “respects honest analysis” of the movie, any film critic who didn’t see the brilliance of his creation is probably biased or downright “idiotic.”

“It is open season on Christians in America,” O’Reilly lamented, suggesting that media critics simply didn’t want to see a movie about Jesus. “Judeo-Christian tradition is under assault,” he declared.