MRC’s Dan Gainor: The Mainstream Media Has Embraced Witchcraft

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Dan Gainor, Media Research Center’s vice president for business and culture, told Breitbart News radio listeners this morning that “pro-science” media outlets shouldn’t be trusted because they simultaneously run astrology columns, and also accused those outlets of embracing witchcraft.

Gainor joined host and Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow this morning on SirusXM’s “Breitbart News Daily” to criticize mainstream media outlets for not covering anti-fascist demonstrators as if they’re organized terror cells. The conversation veered off course near the end of the interview, with Gainor railing against outlets that publish astrological horoscopes but have the audacity to challenge conservatives on their denial of climate change.

“Look at all the pro-science people, all the pro-science outlets that run astrology,” Gainor said. “Hey, Washington Post, you want to bash conservatives about science—you run an astrology column. Hey, how many outlets do that? Vice does that. Broadly and all these other wack-job women’s websites all have astrology because they’ve all embraced Wicca.”

“One of the outlets has a witchcraft correspondent,” he said. “They don’t have Christian correspondents. They don’t have faith-based correspondents. They have made-up religion correspondents because that’s what’s trendy in Hollywood and that’s what’s trendy in the media.”

In this moment, Gainor sounds an awful lot like some of the Religious Right folks we’ve documented accusing members of the press of operating a satanic plot against America. Gainor has attacked media outlets before for not granting Christianity the amount of coverage he would prefer.