Dan Gainor: America-Hating Left May Soon Ban Bibles

Dan Gainor, vice president of the conservative Media Research Center, joined Todd Starnes on his Fox News Radio program yesterday to discuss efforts to remove Confederate monuments and one Memphis theater’s recent decision to cancel a screening of “Gone with the Wind,”

When Starnes asked Gainor if the U.S. can “survive if liberals have erased history,” Gainor replied that it cannot, saying that the push to remove monuments is “not about Civil War” but is instead a “smokescreen” for a larger liberal agenda.

“The left is using the smokescreen of Charlottesville to go and purge everything of American history,” he said.

“Remember, the left never liked America,” Gainor said. “That’s just a founding principle of who they are. So what they want is to remake America, including American history, in their own image.” He added that liberals are following in the footsteps of Mao Zedong and his Cultural Revolution.

Claiming  that liberals want “to eradicate the history, rewrite it so that anybody who they’re not approving gets cut out,” Gainor warned that “eventually, since the left is taking such a radical viewpoint, I think even peacemakers like Martin Luther King will fall by the wayside.”

When Starnes warned that the one cancelled screening of “Gone with the Wind” could lead to the book it is based on being pulled out of public libraries, Gainor agreed about the looming specter of liberal book-banning.

“When you start banning books, when the government has that power, we know what books they’ll ban,” Gainor said. “It won’t be long before the Bible is banned, it won’t be long before your books or my books are banned. Anything that the left and the media don’t like will be gone and it will fully finish their plan to remake what we are.”