Mike Lindell Is 100 Percent Sure the Supreme Court Will Vote 9-0 to ‘Pull Down’ the 2020 Presidential Election

Mike Lindell interviews unnamed hacking "expert" on his "Absolutely 9-0" video.

Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow and funder of the so-called Stop the Steal movement and an array of right-wing media, posted a video on his FrankTV platform Thursday presenting his alleged “evidence” that the Chinese government hijacked the 2020 presidential election by hacking Dominion Voting System machines and other voting machines. Lindell titled the video “Absolutely 9-0,” reflecting his prediction that when his “evidence” gets before the U.S. Supreme Court, it will result in a unanimous decision “to pull this election down.”

Lindell’s 26-minute video features someone Lindell describes as a computer expert who he said has been reviewing “millions of lines of data” that someone—who, we don’t know—gave Lindell on Jan. 9. Lindell claimed that the data proves there were “thousands” of hacks from China and “millions and millions of votes that were flipped in our election by China from Trump to Biden.”

“China did it,” Lindell said, calling it “a cyberattack of historic proportions” and “the biggest crime against our country and humanity I can think of ever.”

The unnamed “expert” Lindell hired to review the files, who appeared with his face digitally hidden from view, said the data had been recorded in real time during alleged hacks on election night, akin to  capturing a bank robbery on video. They claimed that their analysis of just 20 of the “thousands” of attacks from China demonstrated enough flipped votes to reverse the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Lindell asked his expert to verify for viewers that Lindell had demanded that they carefully validate all their evidence, and the expert affirmed that “we validated the validation that was validated.”

“This isn’t subjective,” Lindell insisted. It is “irrefutable,” his supposed expert agreed.

“Now everybody knows why I’ve had the confidence I’ve had over the last couple months,” Lindell said gleefully.

“It’ll be 9-0 everybody,” he said, predicting that Supreme Court justices will be “heroes” when they follow the “100 percent non-negotiable” evidence he will present to them and “pull this election down.”

Lindell urged people to share his video with everyone they know.

Lindell is hosting a June 12 “MAGA Frank” rally in Wisconsin at which former President Donald Trump is supposed to appear live via Jumbotron. Other right-wing personalities on the bill include father and daughter team Dinesh and Danielle D’Souza, former Fox News duo Diamond & Silk, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Sheriff David Clarke, Chris Cox of Biker for Trump, and adio host Brannon Howse, who directed Lindell’s “Absolutely 9-0” video.