Absolute Proof? Mike Lindell Releases Voter Fraud ‘Documentary’

Since November, religious-right activist and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has been on a crusade to prove that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide but had the White House stolen from him due to massive voter fraud. Lindell has spent millions of dollars pressing his bogus claim without achieving anything other than getting threatened with a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, the company he has accused of being the primary culprit behind the alleged voter fraud.

Undeterred, Lindell released a two-hour “documentary” Friday titled “Absolute Proof” that he claims provides concrete evidence to support his conspiracy theories. In reality, the entire film is nothing more than Lindell interviewing fellow voter fraud conspiracy theorists as they make the same baseless allegations they’ve been making for months.

“The biggest thing against humanity and our country is this attack through these machines,” Lindell said in opening the documentary. “What you’re going to watch during this show is 100 percent proof that the big thing was the fact by these other countries that came in to attack our country through these machines that are made to steal elections. … This is an attack not only [from] those other countries with communism, but they had domestic traitors right here in our country. Whatever is going on right now, we’re seeing it, they’re suppressing. Cancel culture, they’re trying to cancel us all out. I’ve just seen churches, the Christian church, they’re being attacked right now. People on social media, anyone that speaks up, they’re going, ‘You can’t say that. You’re gone.’ It’s like they’re doing whack-a-mole because they knew they were so close, so close that we would never know in history what happened. But guess what? Now we do know.”

Among the “experts” featured in Lindell’s film was Mellissa Carone, who gained national notoriety when she testified in Rudy Giuliani’s voter fraud hearing in Michigan in December. She told Lindell that she had witnessed widespread voter fraud while working as a temporary contractor on Election Day because out of the thousands of votes she saw cast, she claims that she “never saw a single Trump vote.”

Also featured was retired Gen. Thomas McInerney, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who urged Trump to impose martial law, cancel the inauguration, and arrest Democrats for treason for allegedly stealing the election. He told Lindell that the election was stolen by “globalists” intent on creating a “communist world.”

“President Trump, who won 79 million votes in the election to 68 million for Biden—we have, and you’ve seen those exact numbers—he dominated,” McInerney claimed. “It was an awesome victory, and yet they turned it around—foreigners.”

“You’ve all seen absolute proof of the biggest cyber-attack in history,” Lindell declared at the end of his movie. “It’s a takeover of our country. We all see it happening. And now you see the proof of where it came from and what happened.”

“What’s going to happen now is going to change the course of our world and our country forever,” he continued. “I want to say that God has had his hand in all of this. This has been on God’s timing. And when we get through all this, we will once again be one nation under God.”