Michele Bachmann On Donald Trump’s Victory: ‘The Lord Did This’

Last night, various Religious Right activists participated in a live election night broadcast organized by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, called “America Stands: Election Coverage in the Spirit of Faith.” Among the hosts were right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton and former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who both handled the duties of announcing state election results as they rolled in.

Once it became undeniably clear that Donald Trump was going to win the election, Bachmann was quick to credit the power of their prayer efforts.

The event was streamed live online, but a portion of it also aired live on Daystar Television, something that Bachmann said directly impacted the result of the election. Showing a graphic from The New York Times that originally showed Hillary Clinton with a strong chance of winning and then gradually showed Trump’s chances increasing as the night’s results rolled in, Bachmann singled out the point where the two lines crossed and noted that that was also the exact moment that their election coverage went live on Daystar.

“We have a prayer room here,” she said, “we had people all across the United States joining with our prayer room here in Dallas in prayer, and look what happened. This was the moment when the whole race broke, when prayer began, when the church came out and then we see a 30-point swing here, a 30-point swing here and now we see the swing to a 95 percent chance of winning Trump, a five percent chance of winning Clinton. It’s phenomenal!”

“Already we know that the glory goes to the God Almighty,” she said, “the God of the Universe, the Sovereign Lord. He is the one who did this for us. He did, because His people got on their knees and cried out to Holy God and said, ‘We can’t go down this road any more, Father, we ask you for your mercy.’ And this is the proof positive of what the Lord did. The Lord did this!”