Michele Bachmann: God May Curse America If We Elect Hillary Clinton

During her appearance on the “Stand in the Gap” radio program earlier this week, former Rep. Michele Bachmann warned that America must elect Donald Trump in November or else this nation will be cursed by God for failing to stand with Israel.

“If we want to have a country that stands with Israel,” she said, “and according to Genesis 12, we will be blessed by standing with Israel or cursed if we don’t stand with Israel, then we need to ensure that we elect that candidate. In this case, it would be Donald Trump who has pledged support for Israel, versus a Hillary Clinton, whose party is now decidedly anti-Israel. That alone, to me, says the United States will be in the crosshairs for blessing or cursing. Under Barack Obama, I believe our country has come in the crosshairs of cursing. Hillary Clinton will continue that. That alone is sufficient reason to stand with Donald Trump whether we like him or not. That alone is sufficient reason to keep her out of the White House.”