Michele Bachmann: 2016 Election ‘Almost Like Another Revolutionary War’

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann told conservative radio host Rusty Humphries yesterday that the 2016 election is “almost like another revolutionary war,” because it pits a candidate who is “moving toward a one-world government” against one who “believes in an old-fashioned America.”

When Humphries asked Bachmann why “the establishment hates Donald Trump so much,” she responded that “it’s because the establishment is all in with moving toward a one-world government.”

“Donald Trump still believes in an old-fashioned America, where we, the little people, get to vote and have our say,” she said. “Hillary Clinton is completely different. She sold her soul, essentially, to the Goldman Sachs of the world and that’s who she dances to. And that’s difference in this election, and it’s almost like another revolutionary war. So it’s up to people like your listeners to make sure they get out there, vote for Trump and do everything that they can to vote down-ballot to make sure that we don’t lose this county.”

When Humphries asked Bachmann what she would say to Republicans who are coming out against Trump after the release of a tape of him boasting about being able to sexually assault women, she said, “I would tell them that they need to admit that they were wrong, that they made a big mistake, and that what they’re going to do is make sure that we win and that they do that by defeating Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton, she said, “should have been in jail for decades already” whereas Trump merely made “some untoward comments.”

“So that’s what they need to do,” she said, “they need to say, ‘Look, I was wrong and I admit it and I need to get behind this guy because I love this country.’”