Michael Savage Urges Trump To Talk About Hillary’s Lesbian Lovers

Prior to last night’s presidential debate, conservative radio host Michael Savage urged Donald Trump to mention a recent National Enquirer story about “Hillary’s gay lovers.”

All he’s got to do is say, “Look, yesterday a big publication came out in the National Enquirer from a man who worked for you for many years which says that you had many women lovers while your husband was president, is that still true?” It would bring the house down. Tell me it wouldn’t bring the house down. “Do you still like women in that way?” Nothing wrong with it. We’re not saying it’s morally wrong, we’re asking you if you still like women after what your husband did to you. He could even leave it that way, now that I think about it.

He could say, “Because your husband continuously wounded your pride by having everything with a pulse in the Oval Office, we understand that you were injured by that, do you, uh, do you still like women in that way? Or is that all false? Do you care to address those allegations?”

Savage said that “Meatloaf Jr.,” his nickname for Chris Wallace, “would have a stroke on the stage” if Trump followed his advice but “the audience would love it.”

While Trump has previously cited the National Enquirer as a source of information for his political attacks and hailed its “very good record of being right,” he did not mention the allegations last night, although he has alleged in the past that that Clinton is cheating on her husband.