‘Like Cures Like’: Michael Savage Rejoices That Trump Will Be Even More Extreme Than The Terrorists

The day after his interview with Donald Trump, Michael Savage hailed the GOP presidential candidate for vowing to employ torture methods even worse than waterboarding.

The conservative radio host cited Trump’s vow to go after CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria, calling the journalist a “double agent” and a “Mata Hari,” a reference to the Dutch dancer who was executed for spying for Germany during World War I.

Zakaria recently said that just as “the main cause of the rise of extremism in the world of Islam has been the cowardice of Muslim moderates who, for decades, chose not to condemn bad ideas and ugly rhetoric,” Trump too has gained popularity as a result of Republicans refusing to condemn the “forces of anti-intellectualism, obstructionism, and population” within the conservative movement.

But Savage didn’t seem to mind the comparison: “I’ve studied homeopathy, like cures like, Mr. Zachariah [sic]. And the only way we are going to defeat your friends in that world of Islamic extremism, if they are your friends, a fact that I wouldn’t know, the only way to defeat them is like cures like. We need an extremist to defeat them or we’re dead. We are dead in the water unless we defeat them. There’s only one thing those vermin understand and that’s worse behavior than their own.”