Michael Savage: My Radio Show Is Influencing the White House

Michael Savage and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House (Official White House photo via Twitter)

Right-wing radio broadcaster Michael Savage told a caller on his radio show yesterday that he believed his broadcast could be influencing President Trump’s decisions and that people working in the White House listen to his show.

On yesterday’s episode of “The Savage Nation,” Savage told a caller that he was unhappy with the White House’s foreign policy as it concerns the military and war. Savage said that he feared “the globalists have gotten control of [Trump’s] foreign policy” and that he was unhappy with the state of the federal budget deficit. Savage went on to tell the caller that by criticizing aspects of the Trump administration on his program, he believed he could be influencing Trump’s decisions on those topics.

“By raising issues like these, I may be influencing [Trump’s] decisions. I’m not saying he’s listening to me on Air Force One right now or listening to me in Japan, but this program is being recorded, and there are people in the White House who I happen to know are listening to the show, and they want to know what you think, and they want to know what I think,” Savage said to the caller.

Last year, Savage met with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the White House. Trump appeared on Savage’s program many times during his 2016 campaign, as Right Wing Watch has previously reported:

Trump appeared a number of times on Savage’s nationally syndicated radio show during his presidential campaign, where he speculated that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had been murdered, wondered why many Jewish people supported Barack Obama, boasted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had called him “a genius,” called for “tremendous surveillance” of mosques, claimed that immigrants are often “not well people” and assured his supporters that he had no plans to moderate his message.

Shortly after Trump won the presidency in 2016, Savage said that Trump’s election had saved white children in America from becoming slaves.