Matt Barber Covers For Trump On Stormy Daniels, Says Hush Money Payment Was ‘Just The Regular Course Of Business’

Religious Right activist Matt Barber filled in as guest host on Bryan Fischer’s “Focal Point” radio program yesterday, where he dismissed reports that President Trump had paid $130,000 to cover up an adulterous affair he had with an adult film actress, insisting that the payment was not “hush money” but was simply an ordinary legal “settlement.”

Barber gladly gave Trump the benefit of the doubt regarding the entire issue, noting that Trump continues to deny the allegations and claiming that while “Trump is no Boy Scout,” Christians are in no position to judge him for anything he has done because they are all sinners as well.

“President Trump, I hope, I believe he has repented,” Barber baselessly claimed. “I believe that he is seeking God, trying to get closer to God. But this idea of paying off hush money, in the legal vernacular, that is called a settlement. People settle cases all the time in court and out of court. And sometimes the calculations are such that a settlement is not an admission of guilt.”

“This had nothing to do with the Trump campaign,” he continued. “So that is just the regular course of business with President Trump’s attorney paying off, paying this settlement amount to—reportedly—to Stormy Daniels.”

“Was President Trump lying when he said he didn’t know at the time that this settlement amount had been paid to Stormy Daniels?” Barber asked. “Only [three] people know that: Trump’s lawyer, Trump and God himself.”