Matt Barber Says Obama Is Engaging With ‘Domestic Terrorists’ To Take Down Trump

On Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program today, hosts Mat Staver and Matt Barber accused Barack Obama of promoting organized crime, suggesting that the former president has bought uniforms for black bloc anarchists who destroyed property during protests ahead of President Trump’s inauguration.

Staver declared that “Obama is not going into the night quietly” after leaving office, but has instead set up shop in Washington, D.C. where he is “organizing a shadow government” that is sending protestors all over the nation to disrupt town hall meetings held by congressional Republicans.

Barber added that Obama has returned to his roots as a community organizer, which he said is just another name for a professional “agitator,” and is now directly associated with the “domestic terrorists” who are rioting on college campuses and assaulting Trump supporters.

“This is what Obama does,” Barber said, “this is his M.O., all of this chaos and violence that we see around the country, these protests and certainly the illegal, seditious, treasonous leaks that we see coming from within the bureaucratic elements of the federal government here in order to try to shut Trump down and ultimately destroy him. They want him impeached, they want him destroyed, this is coming from Obama, this is coming from George Soros, this is coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the remnant left over with the millions and millions of dollars.”

Staver asserted that there were people dressed up in “complete uniform outfits” during the protests in Washington, D.C. and in Berkeley, California, wearing “all black, same exact black backpacks, same exact ‘A’ for anarchy on their vest and someone bought those uniforms, somebody organized that.”

“Sounds like the work of a community organizer, maybe?” Barber replied.

“That is a criminal offense,” Staver continued, “to organize violence like that, that’s why the RICO laws were actually invented, to stop organized crime. That is organized crime.”