Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Strange Anointing

  • Matt Barber recalls shaking hands with President Trump: “There was a presence, there was an anointing and I even thought, ‘OK, he’s got a strange anointing that kind of sent a shiver down my spine. And so we see, I think, that God is using President Trump for good.”
  • Cliff Kincaid says the special counsel investigation is “a classic Russian maneuver” designed to cover up the fact that “the leadership of the FBI knew Obama was a Marxist operative and agent of influence for the world communist and Islamic movements.”
  • Andre Van Mol has a simple question: “Is transgenderism a state-sponsored religion?”
  • Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton previews his new television series on TBN.
  • Finally, Randall Terry appreciates our efforts to tell everyone about his terrible movie.