Mark Taylor: Guantanamo Bay Medical Emergency was a ‘High-Level Witchcraft Attack’

During his recent appearance on Chris McDonald’s “The MC Files” program, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor claimed that a recent medical emergency suffered by a judge serving at Guantanamo Bay was a “high-level witchcraft attack” aimed at disrupting President Trump’s plans to prosecute people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton using military tribunals.

For years, Taylor has been predicting that Trump will soon unleash a wave of arrests in which thousands of high-ranking political, entertainment, and business leaders will be rounded up and prosecuted via military tribunals for their supposed involvement in a global satanic pedophile ring. As part of that belief, Taylor sees deep prophetic significance in the fact that a judge overseeing a trial involving five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks had to be flown back to America for emergency eye surgery last month.

“Here’s the prophetic of this part of the story, what the Lord is showing me,” Taylor said. “This is a very high-level attack coming against this judge. We’ve seen other attacks with other people, where they have had literal physical damage done to their bodies because of a high-level witchcraft attack, and that’s what this is. So what the enemy is trying to do right now is they’re trying to blind the eyesight, literally trying to blind the eyesight, of these judges right now.”