Mark Taylor: Trump Is ‘Being Used By God’ To Put Obama And Clinton In Prison

Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor made yet another appearance on Greg Hunter’s “USAWatchdog” program over the weekend, where he boldly predicted that President Trump will easily win re-election in 2020 and that former president Barack Obama will be tried for treason and imprisoned.

“Donald Trump is not going anywhere,” Taylor proclaimed. “He’s here for two terms, period. He will win the second term, it won’t even be a contest. If they thought the first one was a runaway train, wait for the next election.”

Taylor went on to assert that God told him that Obama “would be charged for treason and he would end up going to prison. And he will go to prison, along with a ton of other people … The word that God gave me talked about judges, senators, congressmen and women at the local, state, and federal levels that God himself was going to expose.”

“People have to realize, they get angry with Donald Trump about all this stuff,” Taylor said. “This is not Donald Trump’s agenda. He’s being used by God. This is God’s agenda to expose this corruption and take it down.”

“These people will go to jail,” Taylor prophesied. “Hillary Clinton will go to jail. Barack Obama will go to jail. Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, all these people.”

“I’ll go one step further on this,” he added. “I believe at some point, you will see Barack Obama on TV giving testimony as to why he did what he did; he will be seen stuttering and sputtering, he will not be able to make a complete sentence and the entire world will see this and they will actually see him and they will look at him and they will say, ‘This is the man that actually almost brought down America? This is the man that everyone was so scared of? This man can’t even complete a sentence.’ That’s what they will see him doing.”

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