Mark Taylor Claims Talk of a COVID Vaccine Is Code for Trump’s Plans to Arrest the ‘Cabal’

QAnon conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor appeared on the “Erskine Radio” program Saturday, where he asserted that recent promising news about COVID-19 vaccines is really code for President Donald Trump’s plans to take down the deep state “cabal,” which is a key promise of the QAnon conspiracy theory that baselessly posits that high-level Democrats and allied elites are running a child-sex-trafficking ring.

Taylor, who has been predicting for years that Trump would soon unleash a wave of arrests and put on trial thousands of high-level cannibalistic satanic pedophiles, claimed that those who understand Trump’s use of code words realize that these long-promised arrests will soon to take place.

“Trump is 10 steps ahead of everybody,” Taylor said. “When you listen to him speak, every time that he would say the word ‘COVID,’ switch that out what the word ‘cabal.’ What is the cure? The vaccine. What is the vaccine? We the people, and the military when they go in and they start arresting these people. I think he was giving code out a lot of times to the people because there’s always more than one depth of revelation to what he says. He’s so much far ahead of the game. So the vaccine is the cure for what? The cabal. That’s what’s gonna happen, I believe, when they release the vaccine.”

Not to be outdone, the host of the program, who goes simply by the name Erskine, offered up his own conspiracy theory.

“It’s called the corona virus,” Erskine said. “C-O-R-O-N-A. Six letters. ‘C’ is the third letter in the alphabet, ‘O’ is the 15th letter, ‘R’ is the 18th, ‘O’ is the 15th, ‘N’ is the 14th, ‘A’ is the first. Six letters in ‘corona’; those other numbers add up to 66. 666. Occult-driven script and a luciferian human sacrifice mega-ritual. They use this type of thing. This is what Satan uses and that’s it: 666 corona.”

“Is that coincidence?” Erksine asked. “I don’t buy coincidence, do you?”

“No,” replied Taylor.