Mark Gonzales: Trump’s Critics Are ‘Messing With The Hand Of Almighty God’

Earlier this month, the Religious Right organization POTUS Shield—which is run by tsunami-stopping pastor Frank Amedia, who served as a volunteer “Christian policy liaison” for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—held a conference call to pray for Trump and his family.

During the call, Mark Gonzales of the U.S. Hispanic Action Network led participants in praying that God will expose and defeat Trump’s critics, warning that those who oppose the president are really opposing God.

“We have been praying, God, for you to expose darkness,” he said. “We have been praying, God, that you will expose those things that are being done in secret, to be brought out to light. God, we are seeing you expose the shenanigans of Satan that are trying to hold this country down, that are trying to get in the way of us moving forward as a country, as an administration, [under] the president.”

Gonzales prayed that God will expose the corruption in the FBI, the CIA, and the special counsel investigation that “the enemy is trying to use and connive” to bring down Trump.

“The deep state will be exposed,” Gonzales proclaimed, “and whatever they try to do, it will boomerang and people will know they are not messing with a man, with an administration, they are not messing with a country, they are messing with the hand of Almighty God and He will not put up with it.”