Mark Crutcher: God Will Judge America For Abortion With A Calamity Worse Than The Civil War

Mark Crutcher, the head of the Texas anti-choice group Life Dynamics and an inspiration and mentor to anti-Planned Parenthood activist David Daleiden, warned last week that if legal abortion continues in America, the country will face a judgment from God greater than the Civil War.

Crutcher told Renee Hobbs, the cohost of his online “LifeTalk” program, that even though he is “not the biggest [Abraham] Lincoln fan in the world” because Lincoln “did some things that were purely unconstitutional in that war,” he was moved by a visit to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., because he could see that Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address was also about abortion.

“I thought, this is abortion,” he said. “This is abortion right here. If we were judged [for] the horror of slavery, by that war, count times a thousand or a hundred thousand or a million how much worse the judgement’s going to be for the millions of dead babies that we’ve butchered.”

“And you say, well why would the judgment be worse?” Crutcher asked. “Well, first off, killing people is worse than enslaving them, first off. But secondly, go through scripture…what in scripture does God say he values more than children? Nothing.”

He warned that “if we think we’re going to avoid judgment for this, we’re whistling past the graveyard.”

Crutcher then returned to an earlier topic of conversation, saying that the U.S. is in a “cultural civil war” for the “soul of this country” on which abortion, homosexuality and school prayer are “battlefields.”