Mark Taylor: God Kept Obama In Office So Americans Would ‘Build A Righteous Anger’ That Would Elect Trump

Mark Taylor, a former firefighter who now presents himself as a prophet based on his claim that God told him back in 2011 that Donald Trump would become president, appeared on Sky Watch TV recently, where he declared that God had kept President Obama in office for eight years so that Americans could “build a righteous anger” necessary to elect Trump and thereby save the world.

God choose Trump, Taylor said, “to help turn America around, and it’s not just America; what people have to understand is this is a battle for the entire earth right now, and God, right now, has denied the enemy’s timeline. That is the bottom line and that is why you are seeing the enemy kicking and screaming right now. He has denied the timeline of what they thought they were going to accomplish and now it’s going to be the army of God now that is going to take the fight to the enemy so that the Gospel can go forth throughout the earth.”

“We cut the head off that snake [on] November 8th,” he said, “so, right now, you’re going to see victory after victory after victory for the army of God.”

Taylor said that when he first heard from God that Trump would become president, he expected it to happen in 2012 but then “the Lord said, ‘My people weren’t ready yet. That’s why I allowed Obama to stay in for another four years so they could build a righteous anger and say, “Enough is enough” and would rise to the occasion.’ Which is exactly what we saw happen.”

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