Mario Murillo: ‘God Is Destroying Wokeness’ and the Church Needs Gen. Pattons to ‘Win the War’

Mario Murillo in a November 2020 appearance on The Victory Channel's "FlashPoint" program.

Mario Murillo, an evangelist who has actively promoted false claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, told Charisma’s Stephen Strang that the church needs leaders like World War II Gen. George Patton with the “audacity” and “courage” to “take the offense” in the country’s political and cultural wars.

Strang interviewed Murillo in preparation for Strang’s upcoming book, “God and Cancel Culture,” and published the interview as a podcast. Murillo told Strang that revival is at hand because, he asserted, God is exposing what Murillo claimed were attributes of what he called “wokeness”: racism, hypocrisy, and what he described as the “radical nature of cancel culture.”

Murillo said that Christians need to reread the biblical book of Esther to understand how to counter what the right calls “cancel culture.” In the story, Esther intervened with the king to save her people from a planned genocide. Murillo said she was put in such a position by God “for the sake of resisting evil law,” something he said “the church has forgotten how to do.”

Murillo said he had told thousands of pastors in California to resist public health orders to close their churches, adding that “every pastor is in essence a freedom fighter now.” Patton didn’t want his men digging foxholes, Murillo told Strang, he wanted them “taking the offensive to the enemy.” Murillo called for a spirit of “anointed resistance” against socialism, wokeness, and cancel culture.

A month ago, Murillo warned that an enraged God is coming “with fire” for America, the Democratic Party, and Christians who voted for President Joe Biden.

Last November, after Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Murillo said on the “FlashPoint” television program on Kenneth Copeland’s The Victory Channel network that he would “never accept” Biden’s presidency, warning Christians that if they accepted Biden’s legitimacy, God would “judge” and “correct” them.

Appearing again on “FlashPoint” on the evening of Jan. 6—the  day of the Capitol insurrection—Murillo claimed that he knew “for a fact” that none of the rioters were Trump supporters.

In February, weeks after Biden’s inauguration, Murillo said he continued to believe that “fraud” put Biden in office—because, he said, he didn’t want to face the alternative, which would be “that America is really stupid.”