Liz Crokin Says Scalise Shooting Was ‘A Hit’ Orchestrated By The Pizzagate Sex Trafficking Ring

Comet Ping Pong, the center of the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory (Wikimedia Commons)

Liz Crokin is a right-wing columnist, commentator and conspiracy theorist who has been heavily promoting the right-wing “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which asserts that several high-ranking Democratic operatives—most notably John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—are involved in a massive child sex trafficking ring.

Last week, Crokin appeared on “The Hagmann and Hagmann Report,” where she alleged that the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise last month was really “a hit” carried out by this global pedophile network aimed at stopping him from enacting anti-trafficking legislation.

“Scalise, I truly believe, was specifically targeted in the Alexandria shooting, I believe it was a hit because of his work with sex trafficking,” she said. “It was right when he became majority whip and right when he first started talking about human trafficking, that’s when, all of a sudden, a bunch of Democrats and a group linked to Podesta … were asking for his resignation.”

“I just want people to really start critically thinking about all these ties between John Podesta, Congressman Scalise, [and] sex trafficking,” she said. “If you start taking the microscope under these people that are speaking out the loudest against [Jeff] Sessions, Scalise and [President] Trump, you will find many, many ties to pedophilia.”

“Is it a coincidence that he was just starting to push for legislation to end human trafficking?” she asked, rhetorically. “I don’t think so. And we damn well know the Podesta emails, that those emails are filled with pedophile code words. Connect the dots.”

Crokin said the fact that Democrats sent pizza to Scalise’s staff on the day of the shooting was not simply a kind gesture of sympathy and support, but rather proof that the shooting was orchestrated by this supposed pedophile ring.

“If you don’t think there’s a tie there to sex trafficking, you’re a fool,” she said. “Connect the dots! These people are joking, their laughing, their throwing the pedophilia in our faces, they’re sick, they’re evil … They’re mocking their colleagues about the rape and trafficking of children!”