Bryan Fischer: ‘The People On The Left Were Celebrating’ Shooting of Steve Scalise

On his show on the American Family Radio network Wednesday, Bryan Fischer claimed that “the people on the left” are “celebrating” the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, which he insisted was one of the “eerie parallels” between the progressive movement and Islam.

His comments were in response to the shooting that occurred in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday morning, where a gunman unleashed a barrage of gunfire onto GOP lawmakers while they practiced for an upcoming congressional baseball game. The attack critically wounded Rep. Scalise, Republican of Louisiana, and wounded four others.

Fischer claimed, citing a small handful of Twitter users, that liberals are “out there celebrating the shooting of Steve Scalise, just like Muslims celebrated 9/11, just like Palestinians celebrated 9/11, dancing in the streets and handing out lollipops.”

“The same spirit that pulses through the dark religion of Islam is now pulsing through the radical political left in America,” he added.