Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist Insists It’s Up To Critics To Disprove The Conspiracy Theory

Liz Crokin, a right-wing columnist and commentator who has been promoting the Seth Rich conspiracy theory on WorldNetDaily and elsewhere, appeared on “The Hagmann and Hagmann Report” last night, where she stated that the onus is on critics to disprove the right-wing conspiracy theory that Rich was murdered by the Democratic National Committee for leaking emails to Wikileaks.

Despite the fact that the conspiracy theory has been debunked, Rich’s family has denounced it and Fox News has retracted its coverage of it, Crokin still insisted that the supposed cover-up of his death is real and that the DNC is intimidating his family.

“You know how the deep state operates,” she said. “You know how the Clinton Mafia operates. These people, they use fear, they use intimidation, they will hurt you, they will hurt your family, they will hurt your pets, they’ll slash your tires, they will do horrible things to you, and I believe that this family is very fearful.”

Crokin said “you have to be absolutely brain dead” not to see that there is a massive cover-up at work.

“We’ve talked about ‘Pedogate’ before,” Crokin continued, referencing the right-wing conspiracy theory that various world leaders are part of a global network of satanic pedophiles who abuse and murder children. “This whole wag-the-dog, let’s call these people conspiracy theorists and call this a conspiracy theory when it’s so frickin’ obvious that Seth was not robbed and that he had clear ties to Wikileaks and most likely was the leaker—that’s not going to work anymore. The jig is up.”

“All these stories are coming out saying it’s a conspiracy theory and it’s been debunked,” she said. “We saw the same thing with Pedogate, but no one debunked it! If you want to debunk a story, a conspiracy theory, you have to prove evidence that X, Y, and Z isn’t true and no one does that! This isn’t the conspiracy theory defense. I’m sorry, it’s not going to fly anymore. The story is turning into a beast. Sean Hannity is on it now, thank God. Rush Limbaugh talked about it today. It’s starting to go mainstream and there are just too many worms out of the can and they can’t put them all back.”

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