‘Hey, You Never Know’: Liz Crokin And Friend Wonder If Oprah Could Be The Antichrist

Last night, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin hosted another Facebook Live video stream with her friend Crystal Myers-Barber during which she brilliantly uncovered Oprah Winfrey’s hidden allegiance to the New World Order.

In 2011, Winfrey launched the Oprah Winfrey Network, known as OWN. But as Crokin cleverly discovered, OWN spelled backwards is NWO, which obviously is unmistakable proof of her deep ties to the New World Order.

“What is her network—OWN—backwards?” Crokin asked. “New World Order. Hello! Anagrams, reverse words, symbolism.”

That insight was a revelation to Myers-Barber, prompting Crokin to explain a bit more.

“Her network is the OWN and you spell it backwards,” Crokin said. “Her channel is OWN. What is OWN backwards? New World Order. No coincidence there.”

“That is something,” Myers-Barber replied, impressed. “In the Bible, it talks about spirit of Antichrist, which we realize is already in the air. But could Oprah rise up and be the Antichrist? That’s a stretch, but, hey, you never know.”

Perhaps Myers-Barber can discuss her “is Oprah the Antichrist” concerns with IHOP’s Mike Bickle.