Linda Harvey Prays That Gay Conservative Commentator Guy Benson ‘Loses [His] Platform To Mislead People’

On her “Mission America” radio program this weekend, anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey prayed that gay conservative commentator Guy Benson will be fired from his position as political editor at because he is dangerously leading people to believe that it is possible to be a Christian and a conservative while also being gay.

Harvey was upset about a video that Benson made for Prager U and warned that gay conservatives are moving “into positions of power in the media, in many churches within conservative circles, and … into the Republican Party” and are using those positions to push out anti-LGBTQ Christians.

Harvey singled out Benson because “he is a chief editor at, [which is] very disturbing since that platform was created by Christian media and is read by many who are Christians and conservatives.”

“Guy Benson is openly announcing that he is a homosexual and still claims to be both a Christian and a conservative,” Harvey complained. “He is young and there is no question he will influence many young Christians and mislead those who are less deeply grounded in their faith to believe that men who openly and proudly desire other men, and proclaim this, can still be true Christian believers. There’s a big problem with that. There is simply no way, if we believe scripture, that God is perfectly OK with a person, especially in such a visible position, declaring this proud identity with deeply immoral, sinful behavior … It’s a very big deal. It’s a terrible example and it’s a lie.”

“He’s not only engaged in behavior that the Bible clearly calls a sin,” she continued, “but he is even thanking the homosexual activists. You know, when he does that folks, he shows either a very callous heart that is ignorant about the destruction these folks are deliberately causing in our culture and the harm to children, or else he is just not very well informed. I don’t know about you, but I have added Guy Benson to my prayer list because he is not beyond the reach of God, and also, at the same time, pray that he loses this platform to mislead people. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have a job of some type, of course, but this is very wrong and I do hope there is a change of some type; hopefully a change in his heart and that he confesses his sin publicly and moves on to be a person who influences the country for good instead of deceptively, in some ways, toward evil.”