Linda Harvey: Criticism of The Nashville Statement Is A Precursor To Persecution Of Conservative Christians

Last month, dozens of Religious Right activists and conservative evangelical leaders released a document called “The Nashville Statement” in which they asserted their unyielding opposition to homosexuality and transgenderism and denounced Christians who disagree with their views.

Naturally, the bigoted statement received a lot of criticism, which anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey warned is a precursor to “overt persecution” of conservative Christians in America by those who have Satan in their hearts.

On her radio program last weekend, Harvey asserted that there can be “no coexistence [with] this evil” and so conservative Christians “need to make sure we’re standing up against this everywhere we can.”

“Do not believe the lie of diversity and coexistence,” she said. “We’ve seen how they’ve behaved. There is no coexistence. These people hate the body of Christ, authentic Christian witness, and they cannot abide us.”

“Each of these folks has a role to play in propaganda and revolution and actual, on-the-ground hate and, eventually, much more overt persecution, and I believe that’s coming,” Harvey warned. “When you see the hate with [which] these people responded to the beauty of the goodness of the true gospel of Jesus Christ regarding marriage and sexuality and male/female—the marvelous design of God—when you see the hate with which this was received, you know that Satan is alive and well in these hearts.”