Linda Harvey: Gender-Neutral Driver’s Licenses Are A Threat To National Security

In a recent audio commentary, anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey of Mission America bizarrely claimed that recent moves to offer a gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses represents a threat to national security.

“People thumbing their noses in the face of our gracious creator God and some American officials are giving legitimacy to this serious confusion?” she asked rhetorically. “We are in such great trouble if we don’t stand up against this. Shouldn’t this be a matter for Homeland Security? I mean, think about the security of our nation’s capital. Now, there’s one more way for the person with destructive intentions to evade detection and capture. It’s not just a matter of morality any longer; the sexual anarchy agenda is becoming a matter of law and order.”

“Pray for a turnaround, friends,” Harvey beseeched her listeners, “and let’s make sure, wherever we can, we elect officials who won’t go along with such extremist nonsense.”