Liberty Counsel Opposes Reported Mid-East Peace Plan For Pursuing ‘Two-State Solution’

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Thursday, Liberty Counsel declared that a Mideast peace plan reportedly being worked on by Trump advisers Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt is “DOA” (dead on arrival) because it calls for a “two-state solution.”

As we noted when reporting on the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Religious Right leaders were not bothered about the move’s potential impact on a future land-for-peace deal. They believe such deals are contrary to God’s will, because it would mean returning Palestinian control to land that God meant for Israel.

From Liberty Counsel’s release:

The so-called two-state solution would establish a capital for the Palestinian Authority in a section of Northern Jerusalem and hand over to the PA Gaza and “parts of the West Bank” (which is biblical Judea and Samaria). This is the same land where the prophet Amos lived and where he wrote the prophecy that the exiled Jews would return to live. This formula is called “land for peace” or the “two-state solution” and history has shown it to be a failure when dealing with the terrorism of the Palestinian Authority.

“If this so-called peace plan includes a two-state solution, it is a non-starter,” said Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver. Staver has plenty of company, as we reported last year:

In 2006 Pat Robertson said that then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke, and the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin a decade earlier, were divine punishment for “dividing God’s land.” Just a few years ago, Robertson warned that God would punish the U.S. with natural disasters for any role in brokering a two-state solution. “If the United States pressures Israel to try to give up half of Jerusalem, God himself is going to come against this nation,” he told “700 Club” viewers. “Watch it.” …

Over the past decade in particular, Religious Right political gatherings frequently included Israeli flags, the blowing of shofars, and harsh denunciations of the Obama administration for supposedly having betrayed Israel. Religious Right leaders and allied politicians who have warned that God would send natural disasters and otherwise punish the U.S. for insufficiently supporting Israel or pressuring it to give up land in a peace deal include Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver, “historian” and political operative David Barton and Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert.