Liberty Counsel Continues Its Crusade Against Pro-LGBTQ Florida Teacher

For months, the anti-LGBTQ Religious Right organization Liberty Counsel has been waging a crusade against a Florida high school math teacher who they claim has been “engaging in outrageous LGBT political activism in her classroom, and punishes students who do not agree with her LGBT propaganda.”

Liberty Counsel has accused Lora Jane Riedas of being a “child corruption agent” who has relentlessly persecuted Christian students in her class by, among other things, giving students in-school suspension simply for wearing a necklace featuring a small cross and making Christian students stand out in the hall while she mocks them.

In response to Liberty Counsel’s accusations, the school launched an investigation which cleared Riedas of any wrongdoing and concluded that “the evidence obtained in the investigation does not support the allegations and established that there was no malicious intent on [her] part to intentionally harm, disparage or embarrass students.”

But Liberty Counsel is refusing to accept the results of the investigation, dismissing it as a “whitewash” carried out by another “homosexual who is in the school.”

“The original so-called investigation,” Mat Staver complained on a recent episode of Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program, “was done by a homosexual who is in the school, just like the fox guarding the hen house and giving a report on how’s the hens doing, we know foxes are after them and you have a fox giving a report, ‘Oh, they’re doing fine, don’t worry about them.'”

Staver said that Liberty Counsel is “not sitting by and allowing that to happen” because it has obtained more evidence of Riedas’ supposed persecution of Christian students.

“We’re not going to let this sit,” he said. “We’re not going to allow this whitewash of a so-called investigation to just go on without some ramifications.”