Laura Loomer: ‘It’s Almost Like [Democrats] Want Little Girls to Get Raped’

On last night’s episode of “YourVoice America,” right-wing activist Laura Loomer and right-wing commentator Karyn Turk teamed up to declare that the Democrats are “domestic terrorists” who “want little girls to get raped.”

Loomer kicked things off by blasting Democrats for not applauding enough during the recent State of the Union Address when President Trump recounted the steps his administration has taken to secure the border and fight human trafficking.

“It’s almost like they want little girls to get raped, they want women to be sexually abused, they want people to die from fentanyl overdoses, they want dangerous MS-13 animals … to commit crimes in this country,” she said. “It really is sick and it really is twisted.”

Turk then kicked things up a notch by declaring that Democrats are waging a “jihad on America.”

“This is domestic terrorism at its finest,” she said. “In certain ways right now, the Democrats are really domestic terrorists because they are holding our country hostage in a way that promotes things that make all of us unsafe as Americans.”