Right Wing Round-Up: Trump Deserves Reparations

  • Brad Reed @ Raw Story: Hundreds of ex-DOJ employees say Trump would face ‘multiple felony charges’ were he not president.
  • Joe Jervis: Far-Right Loon Laura Loomer Has Screaming Meltdown Over Facebook Ban: My Life Is Ruined, Alex!
  • Kelly Cohen @ Vox: Donald Trump spent Saturday retweeting far-right personalities. Then he told them they’re right.
  • Kate Riga @ Talking Points Memo: Trump Retweets Falwell’s Call For Two Years To Be Added To His Term As ‘Reparations’.
  • Aidan McLaughlin @ Mediaite: Trump Blames Kentucky Derby Result on ‘These Days of Political Correctness’.
  • Anna Merlan @ Splinter:  Far-Right News Site GotNews Has Filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition.