‘The Jewish Voice’ Helped Laura Loomer Evade Her Twitter Ban

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Laura Loomer, an anti-Muslim activist who was banned from Twitter in late 2018, remained a presence on the platform using the Twitter account associated with The Jewish Voice, a conservative-leaning New York City weekly, according to information provided to Right Wing Watch.

The Jewish Voice is a 15-year-old publication that has featured reporting and op-eds from notable writers and journalists. While the printed version of The Jewish Voice publishes legitimate news, the publication’s verified Twitter account has posted incessantly in support of Loomer and other far-right political activists and conspiracy theorists. Using that Twitter account, the publication once wrote that Loomer was banned from social media sites because she was “telling the truth and warning us all.” Loomer was permanently suspended from Twitter last November, and subsequently nearly every other social media website, for her incendiary anti-Muslim outbursts.

A former Jewish Voice writer provided Right Wing Watch with records of a Facebook conversation he had with another staffer at The Jewish Voice, in which the staffer told him that Loomer was “running the Twitter account” associated with the publication. A source with knowledge of the internal workings of The Jewish Voice confirmed that Loomer had been posting from The Jewish Voice’s Twitter account, but said that, in recent weeks, the outlet’s publisher had changed the account’s password and locked her out.

In a statement to The Wrap’s Jon Levine, Loomer wrote that she was not a “paid employee” of The Jewish Voice.

Right Wing Watch attempted to reach The Jewish Voice publisher David Ben Hooren for comment via email but did not receive a response.