Larry Tomczak Calls 2020 Election a ‘Defining Moment’ for ‘Nation Established Upon a Covenant With God’

Charisma contributor Larry Tomczak (Image from May 2020 YouTube video on End Times scenarios.)

When Charisma, a conservative Pentecostal-oriented media operation, tweeted Monday morning, “This is our tipping point,” I clicked the link, interested to read what I expected to be a take on the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the protests that have spread to many American cities in recent days.

Instead, it was yet another “prophetic” case for supporting President Donald Trump, just one in a litany from the aggressively Trump-promoting media operation. “America is at ​a defining moment as we face the 2020 election,” wrote Larry Tomczak, a “cultural commentator,” Intercessors for America board member, and Liberty Counsel public policy adviser. “God calls us to learn the truth and let it be known to others lest they be deceived. He calls us as a nation established upon a covenant with God to return to Him in humble prayer and repentance for divine intervention and healing our land.”

Tomczak praised the “miraculously” elected Trump and decries the president’s “cruel” and “ruthless” critics and the “daily dosage of hate-filled propaganda” they dispense. Trump, he wrote, “infuriated leftists, socialists and communists determined to silence Christians and conservatives standing for righteousness.”

“At a time when the nation should come together like after 9/11, the daily criticism and cruel character assassination are grievous and relentless,” Tomczak wrote. “Having tried for over three years to oust a duly elected President from office, many scheme shamelessly letting ulterior motives and a godless political agenda take precedence over the welfare of our nation.”

“Dishonest, left wing politicians in an unholy alliance with corrupt media have hijacked a political party and are working to dismantle America as a constitutional republic founded on Biblical ideals,” Tomczak adds.

Tomczak’s column mentioned a “gathering of leaders” convened by televangelist Rick Joyner at his Morningstar Ministries ​“a couple months ago”:

At the Roundtable we affirmed our mandate to be “salt” and “light” preserving and promoting righteousness. We do this by praying, proclaiming transformative truth, voting and supporting leaders standing for faith, freedom, family and free market opportunities. Likewise, we align with God-fearing, patriotic Americans of all backgrounds opposing leftist, secularist, socialistic ideologies disregarding human dignity, justice, sanctity of life, traditional marriage and Judeo-Christian principles.

The stark difference between our two political parties and platforms requires every fully devoted follower of Jesus to reject compromise and complacency to respond courageously and with a sense of urgency as we face rampant deception and corruption. This is our defining moment to shine as the “city on a hill” Jesus proclaimed and our Founders endeavored to put into practice.

We share a conviction that America is at the crossroads. This is our tipping point. We stand on the threshold of losing America as it has existed since our inception unless there is national repentance and another spiritual Awakening.