Alex Jones: Las Vegas Shooting Is First Step In “Bolshevik-Style” Conspiracy To Destroy America

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist shock jock heading Infowars, claimed that last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was “the first Islamic attack on a conservative group” in a larger plot to destroy America.

Today, Jones spent most of his airtime at Infowars imagining various conspiracies that would prove that when alleged gunman Stephen Paddock fired an automatic weapon into a large crowd at a country music concert in Las Vegas, it was an act of liberal violence. Jones doubted the authenticity of official reports of the mass shooting and attempted to tie it into a vague prediction he made on Friday that liberals would use a major attack, along with racial tensions, to destroy conservatives like him “Bolshevik-style.”

“Why does the left bring in the very groups that are trying to kill you?” Jones asked, referring to Muslims.

“Now we see what appears to be the first Islamic attack on a conservative group or a conservative venue,” Jones said. “And there will undoubtedly be liberals, conservatives, you name it, at a country music venue, but generally it’s about 80 percent white, 15 percent Hispanic, five percent black. I’ve been to many country concerts.”

“And then you’ve got this white knight, this individual up here reportedly doing it, but we don’t know that’s the case,” Jones said, citing an interview Paddock’s brother gave to Reuters expressing shock that his brother committed the mass shooting.