Lance Wallnau Says His 2024 Battleground State Tour is Part of God’s End Times Plan

Image: Detail from Lance Wallnau fundraising email symbolizing spiritual battle between "sheep" and "goat" nations.

Seven Mountains dominionist Lance Wallnau is conducting a swing-state “Courage Tour” this year that is designed to break “demonic strongholds” and help former President Donald Trump win this year’s presidential election. In an email sent Tuesday, Wallnau portrayed his effort to “bring the gospel and align the saints in SEVEN key battleground states in America” as part of a global spiritual battle that will divide the countries of the world into Christ-aligned “sheep states” and antichrist “goat states” as part of “God’s End Time plan for nations.”

Wallnau is associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement that seeks to transform both the Christian church and whole nations—it has global ambitions—and bring them into alignment with the religious and political worldviews promoted by NAR’s “apostles” and “prophets.” He is one of the most energetic promoters of Seven Mountains dominionism, which teaches that getting the right kind of Christians in control of all the “mountains” of influence in society—education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, religion, and the family—will bring about revival and transformation and even speed the coming of Christ’s return and rule.

In his June 18 email, Wallnau warns that in the U.S., people who “despise Christianity” will increasingly “lay siege to God-given rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and the right to assembly.” If Christians do not step up, he writes, “we will continue to lose more and more territory to the forces of darkness.” His email encourages people to make a generous donation to receive his CD “teaching” called “Endgame: A Time For Peace And A Time For War.”

Here’s more:

Now is our time, as the church, to step up and step out to win the nations for Christ. This is the endgame. We are at war with dangerous trending ideas that seek to undo the system the Founders put in place. Right now, we have more resources and more freedoms than any other people in history.

We can win, but we need to be clear—our nation is in a battle to determine if we will keep what God has given us! And it is not the president who will make the difference; it is the people themselves. More specifically, it is the church—we need to come down from the church mountain and move into systems where we can manifest the Kingdom in government and business. God will open the doors, but He needs people to go through them!

We must rise as the Body of Christ in these Last Days because we are facing one of two serious outcomes—either the Antichrist is going to crush our freedoms, or we will see the glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our lives and nation. Please help us win this battle with your best gift today!

Right Wing Watch reported in May that pseudo-historian David Barton spoke at a Courage Tour stop in Michigan, where he predictably promoted false versions of American history meant to buttress right-wing White Christian nationalists’ political agenda.

Before the 2016 election, Wallnau published a book which declared that Trump was anointed as “God’s Chaos Candidate.” He was rewarded with insider status, evidenced by his being invited to a private White House briefing on the administration’s Middle East policy. During the 2020 campaign, Wallnau declared that “fighting with Trump is fighting with God.” In 2021, he declared himself a Christian nationalist. Last year, he warned that God was going to start killing people who stood in Trump’s way.


Trump is counting on massive turnout and overwhelming support from white evangelical Christians to return him to power. As Right Wing Watch noted earlier this year, “religious-right organizations and activists are gearing up to make a widespread and sustained effort to mobilize conservative Christian voters for the purpose of electing Trump to office. In turn, Trump has already promised to return the favor by giving them unprecedented power to use the levels of government to impose their Christian nationalist agenda on the nation.”


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