Lance Wallnau Claims ‘Fighting Trump ​Is Fighting God,’ Says While Trump ​Is Sick God’s Angel Will ‘Wreck’ His Enemies 

Lance Wallnau speaks at Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., on September 21, 2018. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

In a livestream ​in the wee hours Saturday, “prophetic” author Lance Wallnau prophesied that God would heal the ​”anointed​” President Donald Trump and send an angel against Trump’s enemies to war on his behalf while he is sick with COVID-19.

Wallnau said that Trump getting sick so close to the election is like the ​​”Access Hollywood” tape coming out just before the 2016 election. Almost everyone thought it would destroy Trump’s chances, Wallnau said, but it was a sign of God at work, “humbling Donald Trump before his promotion.”

Trump’s diagnosis, Wallnau said, was God “immobilizing the president before God moves.” Wallnau said he believes that God is about to release an angel to fight for the nation and against everything coming against Trump, from the Chinese government to “thousands of witchcraft curses.”

The Angel of the Lord is going to go forth for America. Why? Because the president can’t fight now. You get what I’m saying? He can’t do it. So, the Lord is sending his angel. In a way, it’s the worst thing the devil could have done​ because if it was just Trump, then it’s just Trump. But now there’s an angel going forth. And who knows what kind of mischief that’s going to wreck on the enemy’s camp.

Wallnau engaged in what you might call God-shaming, reminding God how much Trump has done for the state of Israel and for Christians, ​and he made an analogy to a biblical story of Moses negotiating with God not to destroy the Israelites for their transgressions:

There’s never been a better friend for the Jew and for the Christian than this president. And I don’t think that God forgets that. But we must remind him. ‘​Lord,’ Moses said, ‘this people irritate you. You could judge them​—I know you want to. But remember, they’re your people. Remember, they’re your people. And, Lord, consider what marvels and miracles you’ve done to bring them to here. And, Lord, what will the heathens say, what will Egypt say, that you brought them out into the wilderness and then wiped them out?’

It’s just brilliant prayer. Because Moses, like Abraham, is in intercessory negotiation. And he’s saying, ‘Your reputation.’

What would people say when a man who loved Israel and loved Christians is taken out with a COVID virus, loses an election, the nation is in tatters? What was the message there? Where were you? Are you real? ‘He represents nothing. He represents no power.’

See, God’s name and his honor is attached to those that honor him. For those that honor Him, He will honor. Those that do what the Father calls them to do, Jesus said, my father will honor. I believe right now, when this president’s sick, when he’s lying down, it’s 30 days to go​, and he needs to be on his feet, and he cannot—I think then it’s the Lord himself​ [who] is going to have to go to war, is going to have to do this.

“Fighting with Trump is fighting with God,” Wallnau said, adding that hatred against Trump is stirred up by the demons living inside journalists:

I think Americans on the left are striving, they’re fighting with their maker. Fighting with Trump is fighting with God. This will really get them all torqued. They’re fighting God because they’re fighting Trump. Not because Trump is Mr. Perfect, it’s because the Lord anointed him to be a wrecking ball. And he’s doing what he’s supposed to do—to pull down, to tear down​ so that he can build and plant. ​And all of the animosity, hatred, venom, and vitriol that is stirred up is nothing more than the unsanctified flesh in the resident hidden demons that are inside of journalists, looking for a way to express themselves.​

Wallnau denounced the left as “violent and destructive and rude and illogical and driven by fantasy,” but suggested that God’s angels might want some right-wing recruits willing to “go start something up”:

They’re great for recruits. So, we got to get some of that energy over there on our side. Because we need a couple of risk takers, and, you know, stir-things-up evangelists and revivalists and prophets, because I’m telling you, these angels want something to do​, and they’re looking for some wildcards that are gonna go start something up. Don’t worry about being with the lions. They’re bound, they cannot talk, they cannot speak. When Daniel went into the lion’s den, he went in amongst the principalities, but the principalities couldn’t control him. So, we’re going to see that in our day.

Wallnau ​added that he hoped that Trump’s illness might stir sympathy for him among suburban women who “consider him a rough man, an aggressive man” and are “turned off by his masculinity.”

Before the 2016 elections, Wallnau published a book that declared Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate.” Since then, he has been a vocal Trump supporter and has been invited to insider briefings at the White House. He is a promoter of Seven Mountains Dominionism and a member of the leadership council of the pro-Trump POTUS Shield network.