Lance Wallnau: Christians Are Responsible for ‘Literally Saving Western Civilization’ by Re-Electing Trump

Religious Right activists Lance Wallnau and Ramiro Peña were guests on “The Jim Bakker Show” today, where each declared that conservative Christians will be responsible for “literally saving Western civilization” by re-electing President Trump in 2020.

“All of you are going to have a part in being mobilized, so keep your ears ready,” Wallnau told Bakker’s audience. “You are going to be mobilized and you are going to be engaged in literally saving Western civilization in terms of this next short cycle of history.”

Peña agreed, saying that every Christian must be prepared to vote in the next election and must also dedicate themselves to getting at least 10 people who didn’t vote in the last election to do so this time.

“It’s up to us to save this nation,” he said. “Nothing less than Western civilized society is at stake … Find 10 people that did not vote in the last presidential election, be sure they’re registered, and be sure they vote. If you will do that, literally we can save the nation.”