‘Touch Not the Anointed’: Lance Wallnau Prays Against the Effort to Impeach Trump

Trump-loving right-wing activist Lance Wallnau streamed a video on his Facebook page Friday in which he prayed against the effort to impeach President Donald Trump and declared that those who attack the president are “battling with the intercession and the mercy of God over America.”

“I pray that every weapon formed against him will not only fail, it will boomerang,” Wallnau said. “That every pit that has been dug for him to fall into, his enemies will fall into. That every net that has been cast to snare him will become a snare for those that have set it. Lord, they are not battling with a man, they’re battling with the intercession and mercy of God over America. Lord, America needs mercy; it deserves judgment, but I pray that you rise up for the sake of the sheep nations of the Earth and of the Christians in this country.”

“I pray that you rise up and send angels down that will tear open the veil of deception and cause the minds of Americans to awaken with shock and revelation to the truth,” he continued. “Lord, I pray that you will have an Elijah anointing that is going to take the seduction of Jezebel, witchcraft, and political self-interest, and money compromise and cause there to be a fire full moment there in America, where we will be able to see, Lord, the false prophets for what they are and to see the Lord, he is God, the Lord, he is God, the Lord, he is God.”

Wallnau said that Americans would never have known about the corruption in the deep state and the media “had it not been that you did send Trump.”

“We pray that you are going to protect and preserve him and that every weapon that is forged against him will boomerang because they are hitting the anointing,” he added. “Touch not the anointed, and this man has been anointed. Now cause the anointing to refresh him and his circle, give him people he can trust, like Mike Pompeo. I love Mike Pompeo. Pray for Mike Pompeo, for William Barr, for John Durham, for the apparatus of what’s rising up, for Lindsey [Graham], may he experience, Lord, a clarity and a kind of a righteous indignation. Give to the Senate, Lord God, moments of piercing clarity and judicial authority, and let there be soundbites, Lord, that are going to be a sustained pattern of public persuasion for the next 11 months that are going to beat against the battering ram of deception and mind control in America and break it!”