Kevin Swanson: This Is The Battle Of Gettysburg To Outlaw Abortion

Excited about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, extremist anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson declared that anti-choice activists now have “the best opportunity” in generations to completely outlaw abortion.

Declaring that widespread abortion was more “serious” than America’s legacy of slavery, Swanson said that America is facing a modern-day Gettysburg on the issue.

“America is nation divided against itself… on the [issue of] killing of innocent people,” said Swanson. “America was one time split on the issue of enslaving innocent people. Now America is split on the issue of killing innocent people. Now, I posit the question: Which is more serious in your mind? The killing of innocent people is even worse than the enslaving of innocent people. They are both egregious sins.”

Swanson hailed the retirement of Kennedy as a harbinger of God’s plan. He argued that conservatives “face the best opportunity since 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected as President of the United States… The best opportunity in a lifetime faces us right now.”

He noted that there were at least “three wicked Republican Senators” that could hinder the end of Roe v Wade— among other items on the Religious Right’s agenda—by refusing to support President Trump’s nominee, saying that the moment is a call to arms for the movement.

“We have entered the Battle of Gettysburg on the battle of abortion, at least on the political level,” he said. “The future is always in God’s hands and abortion will be done with.”