Kevin Swanson: Katy Perry’s Promotion of ‘Lesbianism’ Will Drive Her Fans To Suicide

On his “Generations” radio show on June 19, Religious Right activist Kevin Swanson claimed that Katy Perry is “about to commit suicide” and linked the mental health issues she discusses on her new album with what he says is her music’s abandonment of God in favor of the promotion of lesbianism.

“She said, ‘I got tired of singing Amazing Grace,’ and began to write songs relating to lesbianism and encouraging young teenybopping thirteen-year-old girls towards lesbianism,” Swanson said.

“First you begin with decadence, then you move rather quickly into despair, and this is where modern music has gone,” Swanson said.

Perry, Swanson said, “has come to the point where she’s not kissing girls anymore; she’s about to commit suicide.”

“Friends, it’s important for us to be able to understand the trajectory of modern culture,” he said. “This is where their fans are going as well so I think we’ve got to remember that these teenyboppers that tune in  to Katy Perry when they’re 13, 14 years of age and learn the decadent lifestyle are probably going to be working their way towards suicide by the time they’re 20, 21 years of age.”