Kat Kerr: ‘The Red Tsunami Did Happen’

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr posted a video on her Facebook page yesterday in which she lashed out at those who have mocked or criticized her for falsely prophesying that America would experience a “red tsunami” in the midterm elections and insisted that her prophecy actually came true.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Kerr repeatedly proclaimed that “God is going to vote Republican” and that “the map will be turned red.” That is not what happened, so Kerr is now desperately asserting that her prophecy was accurate because lots of the Democrats who were elected to the House of Representatives are secretly Republican “scouts” sent to infiltrate the party.

“I can let you know [God] does have a plan with the red tsunami,” Kerr said. “And yes, it did happen. And no, I will not repent for saying that because [God] has not repented and he knows his plan and what that means to him. The red tsunami did happen.”

“Those who represented the blue, some of those Democrats do not want socialism in this country,” she added. “Some did flip, on purpose, from Republican to Democrat to see inside the Democratic Party, what was going on. See, God does have scouts also. And so those who were sent as scouts and those who got elected as scouts in the Democratic Party will make a huge difference in the House.”

“Open your eyes and open your ears to the possibility that God has another plan besides yours,” Katt said, defensively. “He did send himself in the Senate and some in the Democratic Party, so pray for both places. Pray for what God wants to do in our country. Stop picking it apart, stop picking people apart and leave the prophets alone! It is not your job to judge them. It is not your job to demand that they repent for something! That is God’s job and you are not God.”