Kat Kerr: ‘God is Going to Vote Republican’

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr posted a video on her Facebook page last night in which she urged conservative Christians to join God in voting in the midterm elections because “God is going to vote Republican.”

Apparently unaware that the Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialists of America are two different things, Kerr accused Democrats of secretly changing the name of their party in order to conceal their complete embrace of communism.

“I happen to have heard from a very reliable source, they’ve had people sort of undercover checking out the Democratic Party,” Kerr said. “They’ve changed the name of their party … Their new name—because before they kind of hid what they were doing—now, they’re just throwing it all, they’re the Democratic Socialist Party of America.”

“It means communism,” she said. “A socialist republic is communism. They don’t have any rights, they have no freedom, they don’t have arms, they can’t control their own business, they don’t have the right to make as much money as they want to. It strips away everything you have and great oppression sets in.”

Kerr went on to celebrate the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh because now God supposedly “has a seat on the Supreme Court.”

“God is going to vote Republican,” Kerr declared. “He’s the one who helped get Trump in office. That was a miracle of the ages. You know what? Jesus is also involved in this … We don’t want to step back into what we had before, which was no life at all. The way the Democrats have been running their system for years made us lose million of jobs, people lost their homes, they lost hope, there was so much violence in the streets, there was threatened violence all the time, our money was given to our enemies. We don’t want to go there again. We want to go forward. Vote Republican.”