Kari Lake Thinks Life Under Dictator Roseanne Barr ‘Might Be Fun’

After getting fired from her own television show after sending out a racist tweet in 2018, comedian Roseanne Barr eventually found a like-minded audience with an array of QAnon conspiracy theorists and far-right activists. Since then, Barr has continued to make outrageous antisemitic comments and spread wild conspiracy theories.

Recently, Barr launched her own podcast and last week, her in-person guest was failed far-right Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake, who is expected to officially launch a campaign for the U.S. Senate from Arizona next month, is no stranger to appearing on far-right programs or cozying up to fringe right-wing activists, so naturally she and Barr spent nearly two hours chatting amicably and trading conspiracy theories.

Barr kicked things off by claiming that the CIA had murdered former President John F. Kennedy, which prompted Lake to wonder, “Why do we even have the CIA?”

Barr readily provided an explanation.

“Because it’s just a bunch of people that want to do experiments on us,” Barr replied.

“Probably,” Lake agreed.

“They use the mind control to get us to be complacent and docile workers,” Barr elaborated. “But that wasn’t enough for them. They didn’t get rich enough off that, so then it was, ‘Hey, we can we can do experiments on ’em.'”

Later, Barr and Lake agreed that Congress should impeach President Joe Biden but worried that doing so would elevate Vice President Kamala Harris to the presidency. That would be problematic, Barr said, because Harris might not be human.

“Kamala, she’s got citizenship issue,” Barr claimed, which is a baseless accusation, of course. “Did you see her where she tries to act like she’s human? They’re on the third clone with her. … She’s just [controlled by former President Barack] Obama, so he’s already on his third term destroying our country. And then so if he gets her in there, that’ll be his fourth term. He’s a little tyrant.”

As the conversation progressed, Lake suggested that Barr ought to run for president, which Barr asserted was unnecessary “because in 2012, I declared myself the de facto president of the American people for life.”

“I love that,” Lake replied. “I’m not for dictators, but if we had to have one, but it might be fun to have Roseanne Barr.”

Even though Barr is apparently already this nation’s permanent president, Lake subsequently urged her to run for governor of Hawaii.

“You should run for governor of Hawaii because the governor there is [thumbs down], Lake said.

“They’re all [thumbs down],” Barr replied. “They’re all hooked up to the money machine.”

In a sane party, Lake appearing on a podcast with someone like Roseanne Barr should doom her future political prospects. But in an era where the leading Republican presidential contender is a facing multiple indictments and dozens of charges, seemingly no candidate is ever too fringe to win the support of rank-and-file voters or to become a potential vice presidential pick.

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