Kamal Saleem: ‘You Will Be Thrown In Prison’ If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

Back in 2012, Kamal Saleem, a right-wing activist who dubiously claims that he used to be a terrorist, warned that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would, as early as the next year, implement in the U.S. a UN resolution that would “subjugate American people to be arrested and put to jail and their churches and synagogues shut down.”

That didn’t exactly happen, but now that Clinton is running for president, Saleem is back at it, warning at a conference in August that one of Clinton’s top aides has “ties to ISIS” and Al Qaeda and that if Clinton gets elected, she will implement a UN hate crimes resolution that will ensure that “now you could not say anything, you will be thrown in prison and you will be penalized financially.”

Speaking on a panel about “the threat to America” at the “Breaking the Silence” conference at a Colorado Springs megachurch in August, Saleem warned that “we’re coming to a place where we really need to vote because this current administration is dangerous” and so is Clinton.

He called Clinton aide Huma Abedin “a radical” with “ties to ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood,” predicting that Clinton would implement a UN resolution that would land people like him in jail. (Saleem seemed to misidentify the resolution in question; he was likely referring to a 2011 resolution that Clinton helped to strip of attacks on free speech, although some critics claim that her work did not go far enough.)

“Think what would happen to America and think what would happen to the church,” he said, “and think what will happen to our conservative [movement] and how America will be reshaped and the hate crime bill which is UN 1416 [sic] will be implemented, now you could not say anything, you will be thrown in prison and you will be penalized financially and now America will be changed and going to the place where Reagan said the day will come about when we start telling our children how great America used to be.”