Kamal Saleem: ’45 Percent Of Common Core Is Islamic Indoctrination’

Phony ex-Muslim terrorist Kamal Saleem was the guest again today on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program, where he made the patently bogus claim that the Common Core educational standards are part of a nefarious plot to convert American schoolchildren to Islam.

Saleem said that radical Islamic groups realized that they could never force Islam upon America from the outside and therefore set about trying to take control of the “seven mountains” that influence culture, especially academia, in order to indoctrinate children to embrace Islam and “turn against their own country to destroy this nation.”

“Forty-five percent of Common Core is Islamic indoctrination,” Saleem said, asserting that Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Bush family and Bill Gates have spent “hundreds of billions of dollars” to “establish Islamic teachings right there in our schools through history, geography and religious replacement by introducing Allah as the God of heaven and earth and the only God of truth.”

Saleem warned that Common Core is a plot to “etch [Islam] on the tablets of their heart,” so that “our kids will rise up someday to say ‘we are Muslims, we are not Christians.'”