Kamal Saleem: The Democrats Are Plotting To Let Islamic Terrorists Take Over America

On today’s “Faith and Freedom” radio broadcast, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver interviewed phony ex-Muslim terrorist Kamal Saleem about supposed efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to take over America by gaining control of the Democratic Party via Rep. Keith Ellison.

Staver lamented that instead of moderating its positions after losing the last election, the Democratic Party appears intent on becoming even more radical, as shown by the possibility that a Muslim like Ellison, who Staver denounced as a racist anti-Semite, could become the head the Democratic National Committee.

Saleem agreed, warning that liberals, academics and the media are leading a fascist “coup” in America aimed at creating an “uprising against conservatives,” which he said they do not know how to go about actually implementing and “so they are turning to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Placing Ellison in charge of the DNC, Saleem said, is a signal by the Democrats that they want radical Muslims to “step forward and stand beside us and fight against this conservative movement in the United States of America. And in the perspective, the Muslim Brotherhood are stepping in and now the DNC is thinking this is a smart move because these people are ruthless, they’re shrewd, they’re strong and they’re terrorists, they will make the difference for them and now they will conquer the nation back for them.”

Eventually the Muslim Brotherhood will take over the DNC, Saleem predicted, “and bring Islamization to the United States’ streets” by imposing Sharia law upon the nation because it has “been legalized by the DNC to lead this revolution.”

Staver and Saleem agreed that the primary mission of the Democratic Party is to support anything that “deconstructs American values.” This, they insisted, is why President Obama placed John Brennan—whom they falsely claimed is a secret Muslim convert who is “working for the Saudi government, right now as we speak”—in charge of the CIA.