Josh Bernstein Wants The Government To Investigate Facebook For Violating The Fourth Amendment

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein is calling on the federal government to investigate Facebook for violating the Fourth Amendment by supposedly asking personal questions about user’s sex lives.

In a video posted on Monday, Bernstein voiced his outrage over a question posed in Facebook”s “Did You Know” feature that asked users to complete the sentence, “I usually sleep with ….” Facebook says that its intention was lighthearted and that the question was merely designed to allow users to share innocuous information about themselves, such as the fact that they sleep with a stuffed animal or the like. Realizing that the question could be misinterpreted, Facebook removed it … but that is not good enough for Bernstein, who wants the company investigated for allegedly violating the Constitution.

“Facebook is now asking its users who they are sleeping with at night,” Bernstein fumed. “Why on earth does Facebook want to know this information and what is the purpose of gathering this type of information? What is it going to be used for and is Facebook breaking and violating the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution? I think that’s a question that needs to be asked.”

“The Fourth Amendment assures that, quote, ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated,'” he continued. “This is a clear, clear invasion of our privacy even just to ask these types of questions. The Securities and Exchange Commission, who oversee social media, they need to launch an immediate investigation into Facebook’s breach of privacy violations and hold them accountable.”