Johnny Enlow Says QAnon ‘Is Going to Be Proven so Thoroughly, It’s Just Going to Be Indisputable’

Pastor Johnny Enlow, a leading proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel last Thursday, where he was allowed to freely promote the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Elijah Streams is the YouTube channel of Elijah List, a website and newsletter that spreads the words of modern-day so-called “prophets” to hundreds of thousands of Charismatic Christian activists. Elijah List was founded by Steve Shultz, who also hosts the broadcasts on the affiliated Elijah Streams programs.

Last week, Shulz welcomed Enlow, who is a full-blown QAnon believer, on to his program and asked him to explain the conspiracy theory to his audience.

Even though QAnon is a dangerous and baseless far-right conspiracy theory alleging that President Donald Trump is working to dismantle a global Satanic pedophile ring run by Democratic politicians, successful business leaders, and high-profile media figures, Enlow falsely portrayed it as non-violent movement while claiming that it began back in the John F. Kennedy administration.

“It’s a military intelligence operation that has been releasing drops, intelligence information, and it was designed to awaken the American people to a task that was going to be happening,” Enlow said. “This person. Q, is not just one person, he describes himself as being between seven and 10 people—and no more than 10 people maximum know all the information that they’re bringing out—and it’s been something that’s been in planning for years and years and years. And honestly, there are some routes to go all the way back to John F. Kennedy. He had a team around him. He was the last president to go after we’ll say the deep state in this kind of way. He was going to take on the Federal Reserve. He was going to take on the CIA, said he’s going to rip it up in a thousand shreds, and within days, he was killed, of course. But he had military generals and colonels around him, and they were known as Q. And if you look at John F. Kennedy’s cemetery plot in D.C. from above, it’s a Q as well.”

“It’s a movement that’s being awakened to the very things we’re talking about,” Enlow added. “What’s coming out about the Biden family corruption, the Clinton family corruption, the Jeffrey Epstein thing—we heard that for two years from Q before it ever became public. We heard this Biden story, the Biden story with China. If anything, the Q operation is being validated as never before. And again, if anybody’s listening for the first time is like, ‘No, QAnon has been debunked,’ you have to understand it has not been debunked. It is going to be proven so thoroughly, it’s just going to be indisputable.”