John Guandolo: Muslim Student Associations, Interfaith Dialogue Are Tools Of ‘Civilizational Jihad’

Anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo joined VCY America’s “Crosstalk” program on Monday, where he warned that Muslims are implementing “civilization jihad” in the United States, which he defined as a process by which Muslim immigrants “conquer” towns and “disrespect laws and communities.”

“We are watching them in Europe, literally take over towns, raping thousands of women in Sweden, young children in London,” Guandolo explained,  “because that is lawful under Sharia when you are conquering those areas. We are seeing this. We are seeing them completely disrespect the laws and the communities in these places.”

Guandolo went on to describe “civilization jihad” from a “military perspective” as “propaganda, political influence, subversion, military operations.” This, he said, takes the form of “interfaith outreach,” “media outreach,” “educational programs” and Muslim Student Associations, which he claimed exist “to recruit jihadis to do Dawah, the call to Islam, and to promote a counter-factual understanding of Islam to young people.”

“So then you’ve created, if you’re inside the schools and inside the churches around the country, is a majority of pastors are rolling over on their back and gobbling up whatever is said.”